Dr. Musti Krishnasastry

Merits and Accolades


  • Multi-disciplinary interests in biology, with a Master’s degree in Chemistry, obtained his Doctoral degree work on protein-ligand interactions and analysis of glycoproteins by biochemical, biophysical approaches.
  • He is highly experienced in studying mechanism of protein-protein, protein-ligand and protein-membrane interactions at molecular level in normal cellular signalling and in pathogenic purposes.
  • His work has identified sequences that elicit Immunoglobulin A (IgA) response in case of Malarial infection.
  • The Malaria specific IgA has been shown to limit brain tissue damage in mice. Importantly, human endemic population also has the IgA specific to these sequences.
  • The IgA is being examined for both diagnostic and therapeutic purpose to segregate susceptible vs non-susceptible for severity of malaria among the infected.
  • He has applied the same aspect of protein-membrane interactions in case of human tuberculosis disease by identifying the sub-populations that have the ability to damage tissues for establishment of infection.
  • He has used ‘game theory’ to understand the systems that use “division of labour” concept that can divide themselves into many tiny populations to come-together to establish the infection.
  • He currently focuses on, how co-operation evolves in populations, how it sustains and what one can learn to cut-off the route of cooperation for eliminating the infection.
  • This approach has produced some very exciting leads in understanding evolution of drug-resistance, failure of current vaccines etc, and possible new generation diagnostics for identifying right combination of approaches to contain it.