Dr. Mohan Rao

Merits and Accolades


  • Director of The Center for Cellular and Molecular Biology, Hyderabad
  • After being awarded the Ph.D. degree, Dr. Rao has experience working in several renowned institutions in different countries
  • Dr. Rao combines biophysical, molecular biological and cell biological approaches to address problems of biomedical importance
  • President of Indian Biophysical Society and Vice President of the Asian Biophysics Association
  • Member of the Program Advisory Committees and Task Force Committees of a number of government funding agencies and a member of editorial boards of scientific journals including BBA-Proteins and Proteomics
  • In a multi-institutional project Dr. Rao has developed DNA based diagnostic chip for simultaneously identifying 20 different organisms that cause ophthalmic infections. This product has now been commercially launched and was adjudged as the “product of the year (2008)” by the “Biospectrum”, biotech business magazine from India
  • Fellow of the Indian National Science Academy, National Academy of Sciences, India and Indian Academy of Sciences
  • Received the Ranbaxy Award for Basic Medical Sciences and Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar award for Medical Sciences