PSA High Pure

Protein in the seminal plasma

PSA High Pure

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0.1M Tris Acetate (pH 6±0.2) containing 20% Glycerol and 0.09% Sodium Azide

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PSA is major protein in the seminal plasma. A characteristic early feature of prostate carcinoma (PCa) is disruption of the basal cell layer and basement membrane, from the prostate gland. The loss in the prostate gland architecture allows increase in the PSA level. The consequent increase due to disturbed architecture of epithelia is measured in the lab pathologies using the PSA ELISA kits. This becomes a prognostic test for the prostate cancer. PSA is currently used as a marker for prostate carcinoma because high levels of PSA are suggestive of a tumor situation.
Form: Liquid
Source: Human seminal plasma

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