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Recombinant Sex Hormone Binding Globulin ( SHBG )

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20 mM Sodium Phosphate, 100 mM NaCl, 5 % Glycerol, 1mM AEBSF and 0.09 % (w/v) Sodium Azide, pH- 7.4 ± 0.2

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Sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG) is a glycoprotein that binds to sex hormones, to be specific, androgens and estrogens. Other steroid hormones such as progesterone, cortisol, and other corticosteroids are bound by transcortin. SHBG levels are decreased by androgens, anabolic steroids. polycystic ovary syndrome, hypothyroidism, diabetes, obesity, Cushing’s syndrome, and acromegaly. SHBG levels increase with estrogenic states (oral contraceptives), pregnancy, hyperthyroidism, cirrhosis, anorexia nervosa, and certain drugs. Long-term calorie restriction of more than 50 percent increases SHBG, while lowering free and total testosterone and estradiol. DHEA-S, which lacks affinity for SHBG, is not affected by calorie restriction. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is associated with insulin resistance and excess insulin lowers SHBG, which increases free testosterone levels. Recombinant human SHBG is expressed in mammalian cells and purified by using conventional chromatography.
Form: Liquid
Source: Recombinant (Mammalian Cells)

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